SENSE7 Netrunner black and red armchair


  • Color element: Red
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Upholstery material: Artificial leather
  • Armrest adjustment: Yes
  • Seat height: [cm]43-51

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Sense7 Sentinel gaming chair


Although the recipe for an exciting virtual adventure can be successfully reduced to the statement “sit comfortably in the Netrunner chair by SENSE 7 , and the rest will do itself”, we feel that we owe you a wider explanation.

Netrunner is not an ordinary armchair. This is Your Place , where you will comfortably face your duties at work, level up in the online world, or simply catch up with the season of your favorite series.

This is a place where, despite spending many hours, you will still feel comfortable and support your back, and the challenges posed will only be another thing to tick on your “to do” list. This is where your adventure begins, where you are the decisive competitor.

Sense7 Netrunner pu gaming chair
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Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair


You are probably wondering what makes this model so special. Fortunately, the development of this thesis does not belong to the difficult category, because it is a real ace in the category of gaming chairs, and the list of its advantages leaves the competition far, far behind.

Particularly noteworthy here are technological solutions, materials used and a refined design that gives this armchair an extraordinary character:

  • Padding made of dent-resistant and breathable cold foam
  • Stylish lining made of ecological leather
  • Solid support for the spine in the cervical and lumbar spine and an innovative system for mounting the pillows
  • Easy-to-use system for adjusting the height and armrests
  • Two relaxation options with rocking and reclining functions
  • Non-scratching, quiet wheels with a rubber coating

… but such a rudimentary description would be highly unfair, so fasten the virtual seat belts and invite you to carefully read the world of comfort and functionality of the Netrunner model from SENSE 7 .

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Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair


Although this is the beginning of the description, let’s start from the inside, specifically from the inside of the chair, which was filled with the brilliant EasyFoam ™ foam. It is a special type of so-called cold foam, which not only ensures adequate air circulation, but above all is characterized by high resistance to dents. Regardless of whether you will use the armchair occasionally or spend long days and evenings with it, the filling will be just as comfortable, even after years of use.Sense7 Netrunner pu gaming chair

Get to know him closer

Now that you know the interior, it’s time to present the materials from which the upholstery was made. High-quality eco-leather was used for the production of this model, which is not threatened by dirt and damage. Anyone who has eaten at a desk at least once, or had to work in the vicinity of furniture and walls, realizes that such dangers await the chair very often.

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But cold wetsuit is not enough. The chair is equipped with additional, removable cushions. One for the nape and the other for the lumbar spine.

It is the increase in the backrest in these places that will allow you to have even longer sessions in the chair with your favorite game.

If that was not enough, on the sides there are contours like in a real rally seat, so that you can move to the online world even more realistically.

Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair
Sense7 HDE ™ icon
Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair


The perfect place to work is one that is made with you in mind.

It is no different in the case of the Netrunner model , because it has been equipped with a system of movable elements that allow you to adjust the chair to your dimensions. The gas actuator under the seat allows you to easily adjust its height, and is complemented by the FlowTech ™ Arm 3D armrest adjustment system, allowing for up-down, left-right and front-back adjustment.

Sense7 RPMTech ™

Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair


It is known that man does not live by work and games alone. Each, even the most interesting adventure requires a moment of rest. This is where the FlowTech ™ Swing and FlowTech ™ Exo Pro functions come in handy. The first one allows for a pleasant rocking of the entire chair, while the second one gives the possibility of tilting the backrest up to 160 °, which means that you only need a short moment of relaxation to return to work with redoubled strength.Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair


Concrete floor, panels, or maybe carpet? Regardless of the surface, thanks to the large nylon and rubber wheels, the chair moves smoothly and silently in the direction you want. Its durable, steel construction is based on a five-star base, ensuring uncompromising stabilization even during the most exciting moments. Pure energy and unrestrained joy, without embarrassing reaction time!

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Sense7 Netrunner PU gaming chair

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  • Model Name: Netrunner
  • Dimensions:
    • height: 118 – 126 cm
    • width: 72 cm
    • depth: 57 cm
  • Weight: 20.5 kg
  • Load: 150 kg
  • Recommended user height: up to 185 cm
  • Upholstery: HDE ™ imitation leather
    • color: black and red
  • Filling: EasyFoam ™ cold foam
  • Pillow filling: Breathable flexible HR foam
  • Lift: LiftControl ™
    • type: gas
    • class: 4
  • Base: 5-star polymer base
  • Wheels: RpmTech ™
    • diameter: 60 mm
    • material: nylon / rubber
  • Comfortable armrests covered with soft plastic
  • FlowTech ™ Arm 3D adjustment
    • up and down
    • left-right turn
    • front back
  • Comfortable armrests covered with soft plastic
  • Backrest angle adjustment FlowTech ™ Exo Pro
    • adjustment range: 90-160 o
  • FlowTech ™ Swing function
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