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Product description

DR500 armchair


  • Its advantageous 4D armrests are adjustable in height, angle, depth and direction, making them easy to adjust and place the chair as close as possible to the gaming desk without the armrests in the way. The upper surface of the armrests is padded, which ensures greater comfort during many hours of play or work.

The highest quality materials

  • The DR500 has been designed with high-quality materials, with a dense lining covered with soft PU leather, which is very pleasant to the touch and gives the chair a neat, desirable, gaming look.

Class 4 piston

  • Its robust Class 4 gas piston holds a heavy weight of up to 150 kilograms, and its metal construction ensures fantastic durability.

Metal base and nylon wheels

  • Its star-shaped metal base with a matte finish ensures stability, and its durable nylon wheels allow it to move smoothly.

The most important features

Innovative balancing system

  • The DR500 includes an innovative balance mechanism that helps to better distribute the weight of the body, providing greater comfort due to the natural shift of the center of gravity. Thanks to the advantages of this ergonomic gaming chair, you will feel so comfortable that you will be working or playing with more concentration.

Regulated high

  • Thanks to the adjustable height, you can easily adjust the chair to the position that suits you best depending on your workplace.

Reclining backrest

  • It is a folding gaming chair with a backrest of 135ยบ, providing adequate back support in any position during play or work.

Headrest and lumbar pillow

  • The DR500 is equipped with two pillows, one for the lumbar and one for the neck, to provide extra support during long periods of use.

Available in 4 colors

  • The comfortable DR500 is available in blue, red, green and black.
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