BOSCH BCS711XXL Unlimited 7 2-in-1 Stick vacuum cleaner


Specification for BOSCH BCS711XXL Unlimited 7 2-in-1 Stick vacuum cleaner

Technical characteristics

Type of product: Handle vacuum cleaner
Sound level (dB): 82 dB(A)
Item number: 1340002

Storage space

Bagless: Yes
Dust container volume: 0.3 l


Charging indicator: Yes
Features for wet and dry: No
Telescopic tube: No
Adjustable suction power: Yes

Power supply

Operating type: Battery operation
Battery life: Up to 40 min
Charging time: 5 h

General characteristics

Width: 202 mm
Height: 1320 mm
Depth: 251 mm
Color: White black
Weight: 2.9 kg
Included accessories: 1 x Joint nozzle

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Product description for BOSCH BCS711XXL Unlimited 7 2-in-1 Stick vacuum cleaner

One battery for the whole home

Bosch replaceable batteries are part of the Power For All Alliance, which makes them compatible with many products with 18v batteries from Bosch but also other brands such as Gardena, Gloria, Emmaljunga and Rapid.


Easy handling of the dust container and no filter cleaning required

Now you can empty the dust container without creating a big cloud of dust. You can also clean the filter without washing it. You just remove the dust container, turn the red wheel and empty directly into the soup basket.

Quick and easy cleaning of the filter

Cleaning the filter can be tedious and difficult. Thanks to RotationClean, you clean it easily and hygienically. Simply remove the dust container and turn the red wheel. All dirt disappears from the filter and you have a clean filter again.


Adapted to be able to clean the car

Inside the car there are many spaces that are difficult to reach. With Bosch smart accessories, you can easily reach down between the seats, around the gear lever and the like. You reach where it is usually hard to reach. As the vacuum cleaner is cordless and easy to operate, it is simply a perfect vacuum cleaner for the car.


Vacuums drawers and keyboards without picking up the small things

The keyboard and drawer accessory is a very useful accessory that you can use in drawers and the like without worrying about vacuuming up small things like paper clips, coins or the like. The accessory vacuums through small flexible tubes, which prevents all small things from being vacuumed up. Thanks to the fact that it also has LED lighting, it is perfect for places where it is difficult to see.


Maximal prestanda – obegränsad flexibilitet. Vår mest flexibla dammsugare med mer än 99,9% dammupptagning¹

  • 10 års motor garanti: våra motorer görs i Tyskland och vi lämnar 10 års motorgaranti
  • Förläng driftstiden: med vårt utbytbara batteri kan du enkelt förlänga din driftstid om du behöver det.
  • POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE: batteriet passar med många andra Boschverktyg och nu även andra varumärken.
  • Smart battery detection: dammsugaren optimerar prestandan och driftstiden beroende på vad du sätter i för batteri.
  • Lätt att tömma dammbehållaren.
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