APPLE Watch Series 8 LTE 45mm Aluminum case in Star shine – Sports band in Star shine


Specification for APPLE Watch Series 8 LTE 45mm Starry Aluminum Case – Starry Sport Band

Technical characteristics

Type of product: Smart watch
Processor: S8 SiP with 64-bit 2-core processor
Storage capacity: 32 GB
Operating system: watchOS 9.0
Compatible operating systems: iOS
Bluetooth: Yes
Mobile connection: 4G (LTE)
NFC: Yes
Item number: 1348932


Display: Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits
Touch Screen: Yes
Color screen: Yes


Heart rate monitor: Wrist
Thermometer: Yes
Vibration sensor: Yes
Gyroscope: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Compass: Yes
Type of sport: Multisport
Interchangeable bracelet: Yes
IP rating: IP X6
Moisture resistant: Yes
Waterproof: Yes

General characteristics

Housing material: Aluminum
Case size: 45 mm
Material of the bracelet: Silicone
Length of bracelet:
My. wrist circumference: 140 mm
Max. wrist circumference: 220 mm
Weight: 38.8 g
Color: Starlight
Color of bell housing: Starlight
Included accessories: Magnetic fast charging cable with usb‑c connector
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year
Series: Watch Series 8

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Product description for APPLE Watch Series 8 LTE 45mm Aluminum Case in Starry Shine – Sports Band in Starry Shine


Your constant companion has become even more powerful. Now comes temperature reading for deeper knowledge of women’s health. Crash detection so you can get help in an emergency. Sleep stages to help you better understand your sleep cycles. And new ways to train with the improved Training app. The future of health looks brighter than ever.

Soft and pliable. Design that pushes boundaries. The Apple Watch Series 8 has a large, crystal-clear display that’s always on. The screen extends all the way to the edges and blends elegantly with the curves of the case.

Always-on Retina display. See all. Get everything done. The bright display is always on and makes detailed watch faces neat and easy to read, even when the wrist is lowered. It’s very easy to tap, type and swipe on the larger screen, which has room for all the complications you like.

Endurance itself.

These are innovations that make the stylish screen stretch from edge to edge and always on – the same innovations that also make it incredibly durable. Thanks to thick screen glass on the front, robust geometry and a flat base, it withstands shocks and impacts.

  • Takes a beating – Built to be strong.
  • Resistant to dust – IP6X certified.
  • Water resistant – Swim resistant and water resistant according to WR50.

Now comes the temperature reading.

Get to know your menstrual cycle better than ever. Apple Watch Series 8 has a new, innovative sensor that reads your body temperature while you sleep, so you can keep track of changes. Cykelkoll uses this data to make an approximate calculation of when you probably ovulated. Together with heart rate data and logged menstrual data, they give you a detailed overview of your menstrual cycle.

An easier way to predict likely ovulation.

Predict your menstrual cycle with greater accuracy. Predict your menstrual cycle better with temperature data on your wrist. Now you can receive notifications if your logged period data indicates a possible deviation, for example irregular or prolonged periods. The information in Cykelkoll stays on the device and is encrypted when the phone is locked with a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

Sweet Dreams.

The Sleep app doesn’t just keep track of when you sleep – it shows how long you were in REM sleep, deep sleep or deep sleep and when you woke up.

Take an EKG at any time.

Using the ECG app, the Apple Watch Series 8 can perform measurements similar to a single-lead ECG.

Measure the oxygen level in the blood.

A news that makes health take a leap of joy. The smart sensor and app in the Apple Watch Series 8 allow you to read the oxygen level in the blood whenever you want or let the reading continue in the background, day and night.

Make sure you take your medications and vitamins on time.

With the Läkemedel app, you can conveniently and discreetly keep track of your medications, vitamins and nutritional supplements. And easily log them on Apple Watch.

A novelty that we hope you never need.

Now comes crash detection that automatically calls for help. A big news with the Apple Watch Series 8 is that it can detect if you have been involved in a serious car accident. If an accident is detected, crash detection can automatically call the emergency center and send your location and notify your emergency contacts. Crash Detection combines an improved three-axis gyroscope with a new high g-force accelerometer that has greater dynamic range than any other smartwatch. It also uses a microphone, barometer and GPS, as well as an advanced sensor fusion algorithm that has been trained with data from over a million hours of driving and real crash data to detect if you are in a serious accident.

Fall detection.

Apple Watch Series 8 detects if you’ve fallen and calls for help if you can’t move. The function is also optimized for the Training app.

Emergency call SOS.

Press and hold the side button if you want the Apple Watch to call the alarm center and announce your location.

New ways to train. New personal bests. Squats, spinning, running.

In the improved Training app, you will find all possible training sessions. And with new training views, you can see more advanced training data at a glance, such as heart rate intervals or custom intervals, to help you stay motivated.


Power saving mode.

More time on hand. Get 18 hours of battery life or up to 36 hours in the new power saving mode. It’s handy on long flights and other times when you can’t charge your device.

Gather the family around the wrist.

With Family Settings, you can pair your children’s or older relatives’ Apple Watches with your iPhone.

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