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PRODIGY ONE d.o.o. a company located in CROATIA, Teo Braaten is the owner and director. Scope of Activity: PRODIGY ONE d.o.o. is trading in computers and peripherals. The founder Teo Braaten has strong background in computers for more than 5 years, and decided to expand his business across Europe, and what better place than Croatia, having strong economy, a huge amount of English speaking and skilled labor in this field, in addition to the fact that this industry in CROATIA is growing on a yearly basis.

Our business partners are Mainly from: Eurotoner doo (Croatia) www.eurotoner.hr, Dipol connect SRL (Romania) www.dipolnet.ro, Bit computer (Poland) www.bitcomputer.pl and Tianhe Computer Town (China), Most of my sales are in Croatia and the European union.

Our website is: www.prodigyonedoo.com

My company funds are acquired from sales to clients and customers mainly through commercial activity and sales operations. My outgoing payments are done to my suppliers mainly in Romania, Poland and China.

From a marketing perspective, I acquire clients for my company through social media agencies. Those agencies boost my social media presence and increase the customers awareness of my company. In addition to this I run my business also through my online shop where you can purchase products through my website.


To build a better world with Information Technology


  • Provide best-of-breed software products to enable organizations to run their businesses and operations better
  • Deliver effective IT solutions and quality services to enhance the competitive advantages of our clients
  • Maintain a sustainable social environment and be a socially responsible corporate citizen


  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Take Ownership and Accountability
  • Think and Act as a Professional
  • Establish Trust with Communication
  • Revitalize through Learning and Growth


  • 1.Develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all our clients.
  • 2. To continuously formalize and measure cross-functional working communication so as to ensure that the various departments work harmoniously towards attainment of company objectives.
  • 3. To instill a culture of continuous improvement in beating standards of customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  • 4. We are fully committed to supporting growth and development in the economy.

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